Ben Ladouceur writes and teaches in Toronto. His first collection of poems, Otter, came out through Coach House Books in April 2015.

Some of Ben’s poems:
The Awl   Vehicule   The Walrus


Praise for Otter:

“His language is filtered through an intelligence that’s queer and graceful, always in search of the singular phrase and a music that startles with its precision. As each poem unfurls, keen insight gives way to the wonder of words. Otter is a magnificent debut.”
— Eduardo C. Corral

“Ladouceur writes with an awareness of queer history, documenting it faithfully, but with his own twist… This is poetry motivated by an honest wit.”
— John Barton

“A rare kind of debut: vital, on voice, and spirited from start to finish… It’s Ladouceur’s skill with the personal lyric that truly makes him noteworthy. ”
Jim Johnstone

“Ladouceur embodies queer history with profound poetic intention. Sexy, witty, and sensual, Otter is a richly imagined collection of poetry.”
Plenitude  Magazine

“Although otter is contemporary lingo, Ben Ladouceur’s thusly-titled col­lection isn’t so concerned with inhabit­ing the present. More often, it revives and reviews a particular gay history. Figures like Vaslav Nijinsky, Oscar Wil­de, Wilfred Owen and all of their respective lovers are deployed as a means of unpacking the poet’s own environments, sex life, and general sense of doubt.”
— Broken Pencil

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